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Services to Market


Our Services & Fee payable
1.Digital Sales Brochures Design & Hosting Services:
Resume Web Pages too !!

Three USD per page and minimum order will have to be 5 pages.
Hosting is on Free Servers & free domain names and one time fee.
Only updates will be charged extra.
Clients requiring to own domain name & want to avoid advertisements on their site by free servers have to pay extra demanded by them.
Please see more details at  

2.Inserting Advertisements on the Internet Trade Portals:
for Business Opportunities or Career/jobs
Basic: This is for those who have already web site or not keen to have one. Plain Text Advertisements will be inserted in Trade portals and   our service charges will be 5 insertions for 10 USD. Apart from our  service charges, wherever  applicable, the charges levied by the Trade Portals will have to be paid. We shall bring to the notice of clients   such facilities available with different Trade Portals on the Internet.
Premium: Here we build web site as per our service charges mentioned at (1) above and offer Basic advertisement services. The charges will be as per details above.
3.Internet Marketing Services:
for Business or Jobs !
We build web sites and undertake advertisements services as mentioned above at (1) and (2).
Besides promote client business by the following actions:
3.1 design a digital brochure and email to specifically targeted clients Fifty numbers per month.
3.2 watch Trade leads of interest on the internet and bring them to the notice to the clients.
3.3 Identify Web sites of Buyers and proactively inform about our clients business.
3.4 Bring to the notice of clients all kinds of Market Research data
which may include prices, competitors ,Reports, News ,Technology etc which are freely available on the Internet. Wherever there are specific fees involved in such items mentioned above, it is up to the client to buy it or leave it.
3.5 We shall try to answer to the best of our abilities on all kinds of information related to client subscribers business periodically.
3.6 Our charges to do the above services will be 100 (one hundred) USD per month.
4.Email News Letters:
These email news letters customized to entrepreneurs/business firms needs will generally contain Trade & Technology Information Services.
We shall, upon studying the information needs of your specific business send email news letters at the cost of 20 USD or Rs.1000/- for year. The number of Emails shall be not less than 200.
5.Information Services:
Getting Specific Information
We Provide Trade & Technology Information either from our  databases or let you know where to get it !
Email us what you want & We Email you how much it costs.
We Email you the required information after we get paid.

Information Profiles/Internet Research Reports: These are prepared to include in-depth information on various categories and will contain basic details on the subject of research apart from references of web sites and contact information such as Email id , addresses,  telephone, fax numbers. These Internet Research Reports are prepared as per requirements of the clients and priced accordingly for each Client. Sample Information profiles give good idea  about the contents & coverage possible. Please see an example at

  6.Trade Lead Forwarding Services.

We Email  that appear on the Internet on topics of your choice at the rate of 200 trade leads for 20 USD or Rs.1000/- Click for Details at:

 7.Other Services

1.Locating Joint venture Partners
2.Getting Standards & Specifications of any country/product
3.Consultancy in Setting up In house Information Cell
4.Event Promotion Services for Seminars, conferences Workshops/training    programmers/Product Launch etc
5.Resume Services & Career Development
6.Project Guide on Specific Products/Services/Business
7.Entrepreneur Training to get on to Web Based Business
8.Marketing Specific Products & Services
9.Market & Industrial Research on the Internet.                                   

Email us for more details, customization & Terms.


All payments have to be made in advance by Demand Draft in favor of M.SundaraRajan payable in any bank at Chennai and posted to address mentioned at the bottom of this page. Email us for Sample Information on any of the services mentioned above.
All Our Services are as per clients decisions and It is up to the Clients to take care of their business interest with abundant precautions while using information taken from Internet and supplied to them by us. We are in no way responsible to the losses, if any that may arise out of transactions done by clients based on Information Provided by us